Glenn Campbell's 2018 Cancer and Life-Changing Plans

Glenn Campbell has metastasized cancer,
but it's not as bad as it sounds.
This kind of cancer is more treatable than most.
He may actually survive!!!

dancing 2 from Donovan Grootkarzijn on Vimeo. (Original iPhone Video)

On July 4, 2018, Glenn Campbell suffered a seizure while driving a small RV across Colorado. Fortunately, the accident was relatively minor, with little damage to the vehicle or to Glenn. Nonetheless, rescuers had to break a window to get him out, and his first memory was waking up in an ambulance heading for a hospital in Grand Junction. In the hospital, CT scans revealed extensive metastasized cancer throughout his torso and in parts of his brain, kidneys and bone marrow.

After two nights in the hospital in Colorado, Glenn was released to Massachusetts where his doctor and health plan are. Extensive testing was conducted at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, and a formal diagnosis and treatment plan was rendered on July 13. Glenn is suffering from "Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma," a very aggressive systemic cancer of the immune system that happens to be highly treatable. This page records both the latest details of his medical condition and his prolific creative work since his diagnosis.

On the surface, my situation looks grim ("metastasized cancer throughout my body"), but of all the cancers, high-grade lymphoma is among the most treatable. At Beth Israel in Boston, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, I am connected with one of the world's best medical teams for this precise disease. The team seems 100% focused on curing me, which I wouldn't have thought possible when I first learned of my cancer in Colorado. There are no guarantees, but this diagnosis does not seem like a death sentence by any means.

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