Glenn Campbell's Facebook Overview

I am Glenn Campbell.

Facebook is my most active social media stream. Unless I am dead or trapped in a similar internet-free zone, I post to Facebook every single day. Facebook is my primary display medium for the thousands of photos I have taken around the world. (See geographical index.) At last count I had over 40,000 photos in over 700 public albums. I also use Facebook to announce most of my other creative work, like videos and blog entries. Occasionally, I will also re-post tweets from my Twitter account.

A separate low-volume Facebook feed is Glenn Campbell Lite™ (formerly my Facebook Fan page). Here I post links to new photo albums and major new creative work. There are rarely more than a couple of posts per week (vs. several per day on my main feed).

Subscribe to my Instagram for a low-volume feed of my best Facebook photos, present and past.

Most of my personal Facebook page is public! You don't need to be a friend or follower to view the vast majority of my postings (but you may need to be logged into Facebook).

Any Facebook user can subscribe to my public updates—and I encourage it! (This means that my posts will show up in your "friend feed".) Even non-friends can "Like" and comment on my photos and albums. (At least for now. I could discontinue this option if it becomes too hard to maintain.) Friending: Since everyone can see most of my stuff anyway and anyone can follow, friending is not available to the general public. As a rule, I friend only people I have met in person, am already actively engaged with or who I feel I have some connection with. However, if you follow me, I will usually look at your page, and I may try to friend you myself if you look interesting.

My Facebook page is philosophically bland! I post pretty pictures here and links to my less controversial creative work, but I don't try to "say" anything. I try not to post anything on Facebook that might offend any of my myriad friends, relatives, employers, employees, etc. Facebook just isn't suited for expressing ones opinion. Anything edgy, blunt or political is reserved for other forms of media, mainly Twitter, my books and and my Philosophy blog

If you appreciate any of my photos or albums, please "Like" them on Facebook! (You can never give me enough "Likes".) I also encourage Facebook users to share my photos, albums and posts (via the "share" feature on Facebook). You don't need my permission to do this.

I occasionally look at my "friend feed" to see what my Facebook friends are doing, but only when I have the time. I can sometimes go for weeks without looking at it.

Please be aware that messages sent to me on Facebook may take a long time to reach me, especially if you are not a friend. Regular email is much more reliable.

For my other social media streams, see the menus above. My Lite™ Facebook page replaces my Google+ page used for the same purpose until Dec. 2012.

Guidelines for Comments

When commenting on my photos, I ask only that your comment be relevant to the photo itself and that it adds something useful for other users. Please avoid comments that don't really say anything, like... If you have something to say to me personally, please send me an email. Don't put it in a photo comment for everyone else to read.

Please don't use photo comments to express your political opinions, be they Democrat/Republican, Zionist/Anti-Zionist, etc. Whatever you politics may be, it is bound to inflame another user who feels he has to respond, and soon there's a running battle that has nothing to do with the photo. Use your own social media streams for your political opinions! Of course, I reserve the right to remove any comments I find irrelevant or inappropriate, and I may block users who consistently abuse the commenting privilege. (Fortunately, I have rarely had to do this, and you really have to work hard to piss me off.)

Sometimes I will remove comments that are appropriate to the photo but that get in the way of some other discussion taking place there. (For example, if one user posted a comment and I want to respond to it, but another user posted a comment in the meantime, I may remove that other user's comment.) There was nothing wrong with your comment; I just wanted to emphasize something else.

Including links in comments is okay, provided the link is relevant to the photo and useful to other users. Be sure to say what the link is about, because non-friend users do not see the Facebook preview. (In all social media, you should never send people a link without telling them what it leads to. It could be spam!)

I guess it's okay to post really long comments, but no one will read them. Facebook displays only the first few lines, and the user has to click "see all" to view the rest (which most won't do). In general, shorter is better, and I may remove long comments that just seem annoying.

Please refrain from commenting on whole photo albums. The trouble here is these comments get redisplayed on my timeline every time I post new photos to that album, even if the comments are very old. I will usually remove comments from photo albums after a few days, whereas I usually leave photo comments in place forever.

Personal Visits

I travel continuously, so there's a high probability I will be passing through your city sometime soon. That doesn't mean I can visit you though. With thousands of Facebook friends and Twitter followers, it just isn't possible.

I do visit many of my virtual friends when I pass close to their abode, but the key criteria is whether we have already had extensive online interaction and we have things to talk about. If we have hardly ever communicated virtually, there seems no compelling reason to do it in person.

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