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I am Glenn Campbell. You may not peg me as a media mogul, but my virtual film studio has created dozens of films. We just haven't filmed any of them. Since 2008, I have written an assortment experimental treatments and proposals for short films, movies and television series. I usually write them quickly, put them online, then forget about them. I rarely try to sell them. Although all of these projects are filmable, the main purpose is to develop my own storytelling skills.

The index below is intended to keep track of all these projects, so at least I can remember them.

I have over 200 public videos on YouTube (See video overview), but none of them can be called complete dramas. The main thing I have learned from making videos for YouTube is that filmmaking is frightfully expensive! Even if you are working with no budget and available tools, as I do, the time it takes to shoot and edit a credible film is daunting. It takes little time, however, to write a film, so that is what I have concentrated on. Since the most important thing about a film is the story, I have worked to develop my storytelling skills in the most streamlined and compact format possible—the written word. The advantage of this medium is I can create a LOT of films in a very short time (often one per day), hopefully gain "filmmaking" experience quickly. (See my Dec. 2012 article How to Make Movies in Your Mind and my other film essays below.)

My virtual film projects fall into three categories:
  1. Short films — Stories between 1 and 15 minutes. These stories are usually presented as "treatments"—not formal screenplays but more like literary short stories containing the main dialog and events. I write each story quickly, usually on the same day I think of the idea. Most of these stories are available online in their entirely.
  2. Television Series Proposals — Proposals for hypothetical televisions series, based on my experience working with TV crews at Area 51. Each proposal consists of a one-sheet pitch for the series, with possible additional documentation. (My most elaborate TV pitch, Operation Weekend, includes a half-dozen supporting documents and videos.) I usually do NOT put these documents online, because my TV proposals contain unique proprietary features that could easily be purloined by others. However, the listing below will at least note the existence of the proposal and give you a TV Guide synopsis. Interested parties can contact me directly for the rest of the proposal.
  3. Movie Proposals — Similar to TV series proposals, consisting at least of a one-sheet pitch and perhaps additional supporting documents. With both my movie and TV proposals, the full intended package includes a one-sheet pitch, a 20+ page proposal, and a treatment for the movie or pilot. If I haven't actually written the proposal or treatment yet, it is in my head and I can write it quickly.
The Best
My most popular screen story (based on number of hits) is The Confession. (After rereading it, I can see why.)
My most professional script—and perhaps my best short film—is 11:59 from Prescott. (In proper script format and everything! I rarely do that because it is too much work!)
My most complete TV proposal is Operation Weekend.

Below are my virtual film projects from the most recent to the oldest. (Screen stories in 2008 and 2009 were numbered, but I have since dispensed with the numbering system.) All of these stories consist entirely of my own original work, and all are copyright (c) Glenn Campbell. You are welcome link to these works (using the link used for each project below), but please don't copy them.
May 23, 2013: Phobia (short film) — A businessman seeks an experimental treatment for his panic attacks.

Dec. 20, 2012: The Panhandler (short film) — A homeless alcoholic experiments with marketing methods.

Dec. 14, 2012: Psychotherapy (short film) — In the 1950s, a troubled young woman seeks help from a Freudian psychotherapist. ← My first lesbian film!

Dec. 12, 2012: Inventacon–The Movie (movie) — A con artist starts his own television ministry.

Dec. 10, 2012: Inventacon (short film) — An inventor offers his idea to a big corporation.

Sept. 2012: Harper Junction (movie) — Harper Junction is a typical American small town. A very small one! It is an idealized hamlet on a model train set in the basement of a retired hobbiest. This is the story of the inch-tall people who live there and one young man who tries to escape. ← One-sheet and treatment available.

Oct. 2012: The Defiant (movie) — A pseudo-documentary records the ill-fated journey of an aging non-nuclear Navy research submarine, the Defiant. In the early 1970s, at the height of the Cold War, ← One-page description available.

Aug. 2012: Interceptors (movie & TV series) — A comedy “mockumentary” that follows a dysfunctional group of UFO researchers with their own reality TV show. ← One-sheet and treatment available. Based on my own experiences with the media at Area 51.

2011: Operation Weekend (TV travel series) — "If you could go anywhere in the world this weekend, where would it be?" ← My most elaborate TV proposal, based on my years of airline free travel and my experience with TV crews at Area 51.

2010: Passing Through (novel) — A young woman must deal with her extraordinary power and her dangerous father. ← completed 18 chapters of an unfinished novel, intended for filming.

Still working to fill in about a dozen projects between Apr. 2009 and Dec. 2012.

Screen Story #29: The Smartest Chimp in the World (screenplay) — A precocious primate has to deal with some typical human trauma. (4/23/09, 18 pages)

Screen Story #28: The Problem with Paradise (treatment) — An office worker imagines the perfect tropical paradise, then goes there, but he doesn't find the bliss he expected. (12/9/08, 3 pages)

Screen Story #27: My Mom the Witch (screenplay, pdf) — A young girl introduces her playmate to her unusual family. (11/9/08, 15 pages, blog)

Screen Story #26: The Confession (treatment) — A man confesses to his wife's murder, a bit prematurely. (10/25/08, 4 pages)

Screen Story #25: Shady Acres (treatment) — A woman in England seeks support for God's innocent creatures. (10/21/08, 2 pages)

Screen Story #24: The Waiting Room (screenplay, pdf) — A woman waits patiently for revenge. (10/18/08, 14 pages, blog)

Screen Story #23: Home on the Range (treatment) — Seated around a campfire, two cowboys reveal their true feelings. (10/10/08, 2 pages)

Screen Story #22: 11:59 from Prescott (screenplay, pdf) — Peaceful residents of a Old West town are menaced by three well-dressed strangers who offer "protection", but at a price. (10/5/08, 11 pages, blog entry)

Screen Story #21: The Dangers of Modeling (treatment) — High school students are warned about a destructive addiction. (9/27/08, 2 pages, re-posted 9/30 on Miss Model Behavior)

Screen Story #20: Refuge (treatment) — A hillbilly family in Appalachia has at least one functional member. (9/24/08, 4 pages)

Screen Story #19: Chicken Man (treatment) — A man thinks he's a chicken. (9/23/08, 3 pages)

Screen Story #18: X-Ray Vision (screenplay, pdf) — A teenage boy with less-than-pure motivations orders a pair of x-ray glasses. (9/12/08, 10 pages, blog entry)

Screen Story #17: Dream Home (treatment, pdf) — A man building a house in the woods is assisted by a woodland creature. (9/10/08, 10 pages, blog entry)

Screen Story #16: Hoodlums (treatment) — Some London Hoodlums put their skills to good use. (9/9/08, 4 pages)

Screen Story #15: Department Store Santa (treatment) — A fake Santa in a shopping mall receives a special request. (9/8/08, 2 pages)

Screen Story #14: The Man on the Television (treatment) — A woman talks to her television set but ignores its advice. (9/7/08, 2 pages)

Screen Story #13: The Candidate (movie treatment) — A Senator seeks his party's nomination for president but then remembers where his power comes from. (9/4/08, 2 pages)

Screen Story #12: Photo Op (treatment) — A politician faces his toughest audience in a first grade classroom. (9/1/08, 2 pages)

Screen Story #11: Titanic Gentlemen's Club (treatment) — Engineers aboard the Titanic try to decide whether it is sinking. (8/25/08, 2 pages)

Screen Story #10: It's Now or Never (treatment) — A bride at a Las Vegas wedding chapel has second thoughts. (8/23/08, 1 page)

Screen Story #9: Flexmaster 2000 (treatment) — A consumer orders an exercise machine but gets a different product than he expected. (8/20/08, 1 page)

Screen Story #8: Strawberry Fields (treatment) — A drug addict has to get his act together and get to work. (8/19/08, 1 page)

Screen Story #7: The Ambassador is Recalled (scene from a movie) — An alien ambassador in Nevada is recalled to his home planet. (8/6/08, 8 pages, pdf).

Screen Story #6: The Abductee (treatment) — A woman's horrifying story of alien abduction leads to an earthly connection. (8/3/08, pdf)

Screen Story #5: Plane Spotters (treatment) — Aviation buffs outside a military base happily collect date until they they receive an "alien visitation" they don't know how to deal with. (8/1/08, pdf)

Screen Story #4: Over There!A tragedy in 1917 leads to a revelation in the 1990s. (7/29/08, pdf)

Screen Story #3: NatashaThe first few minutes of a hypothetical movie about a soviet superheroine. (7/5/08)

Screen Story #2: Soul AscensionTwo missionaries prowl a suburban neighborhood for converts, only to become prey themselves. (6/29/08)

Screen Story #1: Gunderson Road A vulture in the Mojave Desert encounters a curious sight. There is a bit of an Area 51 connection to this one. See photo of protagonist. (6/25/08) ← My first screen story!

Also see these essays of mine related to filmmaking and creativity... Also search my Twitter archive for "film", "movie", "hero" and "story".

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