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NOTE: This page was last updated on 11 Jan 2016 and will probably not be revised, but you may still find the links and topic list useful.

UPDATE, Nov. 2018: For several Instagram posts on how I used Instagram, see #gpcDirectory.

My Instagram Feed is a selection of my best photos and videos covering both my current travels and past ones. Since I started posting in June 2013, Instagram has grown from a sideline to my main social media obsession. Instagram is restricted in both photo detail and video length, which I think is a valuable artistic constraint that makes my work better. I still posts photos to Facebook and videos to Youtube (Stories, Postcards), but Instagram is my home base.

All of my past Instagram posts are easily accessible through an indexing system I invented myself. (See the partial list at right.) Every photo and video I post is accompanied by unique tags only I use, You can retrieve my past photos on a particular place or topic by clicking on the tag. A partial list of my personal tags is on the right → but I am inventing new ones all the time.

Until mid-2015, I mostly posted still photos to Instagram. Now, I mostly post videos. Some videos are uploaded directly from my iPhone, but most are taken with my digital SLR, edited and sent to my iPhone for uploading.

Many places on my Travel Map are represented. Of the tens of thousands of photos I have on Facebook, only a few make it onto Instagram. These photos have to be bold, simple and colorful. For each of my photos on Instagram, I try to provide a manual link back to the album on Facebook it comes from, so you can find more like it. (You will have to cut and paste the link.)

My Instagram account is fully integrated with my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Since mid-2014, most photos and videos I post to Instagram are automatically duplicated on my travel Twitter account @Peripatetia. Most of my Instagram posts are also found on Facebook, usually in two forms: (1) Exact duplicates of the Instagram photos in this album, and (2) High resolution versions found in my geographical album for that city or region. (A link to that album is usually found in the comments on the original Instagram photo.) Most of my Facebook albums and you can "share" these images as you wish.

History: I have been active on Instagram since June 21, 2013. (My first posts on that day were a skeptical video and a photo, both posted from my hostel in Istanbul shortly after the Gezi Park crackdown.) I opened an Instagram account back on Nov. 28, 2011 when I posted two photos (gargoyles and an inflatable santa), but didn't see the point of instagram back then, especially since Facebook resolution was better. I changed my tune in June 2013, when Instagram began offering 15-second videos. I figured this was the perfect format for travel videos that I didn't want to clutter my YouTube or Facebook videos with.

Also see this old Facebook Note on How I Use Instagram.

Some of my best 15-second Instagram videos:

Snake charmer at work, Galle, Sri Lanka (today) video

A video posted by baddalailama (@baddalailama) on

Bison on the Alaska Highway (15 sec video) near Muncho Lake (today)

A video posted by baddalailama (@baddalailama) on

Ice skating on the Eiffel Tower (today) #video - Music lyrics: "Nobody said it was easy."

A video posted by baddalailama (@baddalailama) on

Bubbles in Florence (yesterday) #video

A video posted by baddalailama (@baddalailama) on

Arecibo Radiotelescope (today) #hyperlapse

A video posted by baddalailama (@baddalailama) on

Chernobyl abandoned amusement park, Prypiat, Ukraine (yesterday) #Hyperlapse

A video posted by baddalailama (@baddalailama) on

## My Personal Hashtags ##

In addition to the standard hashtags most Instagrammers use (#beach, #happy, etc), I am building my own set of personal tags. Since every tag starts with #gpc, most of these tags should be unique and will only pull up my own photos. Below is a partial list (as of mid-2015). Click on the link to bring up photos on that topic.

See this Index album on Facebook for my most active tags.

For all my BEST photos and videos (IMHO) see #gpcGlennsPersonalFavorite and #gpcMagical.


#gpcSelfie — Any post in which I appear, including directly or as a shadow or reflection (The best direct views are also tagged #GlennCampbell)
#gpcProducts — Regarding the creative products of Glenn Campbell (apart from photos and video). Books, social media accounts, etc
#GlennCampbell — The best of #gpcSelfie and #gpcProducts, as well as other promotional material about Glenn Campbell - This is intended as a public tag my "fans" might use (assuming there were any). (Unfortunately, you will probably also find some photos about the "other" Glen Campbell from people who can't spell.)
#BadDalaiLama — Relating to the products of the BadDalaiLama, mainly Twitter and management of the Instagram account. May overlap with #GlennCampbell and #gpcProducts
#gpcVideo — All my 15-second instagram videos
#gpcAbandoned — Abandoned places and old stuff
#gpcAdvertising — Photos of ads, billboard, etc. May overlap with #gpcConsumer
#gpcAerial — Photos from the air
#gpcAirplane — An airplane appears in the image
#gpcAlcohol — Photos involving alcohol (bars, etc.)
#gpcAnimals — Photos of animals, including dogs and cats. (The kind of animal is also tagged: #gpcDogs #gpcCats, #gpcHorse. Animal names longer than horse are singular. Also tagged at #gpcNature if the animal is in a natural setting.)
#gpcAnthropomorphize — Photos that see human characteristics in objects that are no human. My include some animals that look or act especially human.
#gpcArchitecture — Building architecture is the main focus
#gpcArea51 — photos relating to my Area 51 era.
#gpc_Art — "Art" photos. (New tag starting April 1. New photos also tagged #gpcArt.)
#gpcArt — Old tag for art photos. Should also appear in
#gpcBackwards — Videos that play backwards or photos that are obviously reversed
#gpcBeach — The sand of a beach is visible. Also tagged #gpcShore
#gpcBicycle — Photos with a bicycle somewhere in the shot
#gpcBlue — Overall color of the photo is blue (experimental). Also #gpcOrange #gpcRed #gpcGreen etc.
#gpcBoat — Shots that have a boat in them.
#gpcBones — Bones and skeletons (may also be #gpcCreepy and #gpcHalloween)
#gpcBridge — Bridges and similar structures
#gpcBW — Photos in Black and White.
#gpcCampus — Photos taken on school campuses
#gpcCarnival — Featuring carnival rides like ferris wheels and carousels.
#gpcCars — Photos of cars and other wheeled transport
#gpcCastle — Castles and fortresses
#gpcCelebrity — Appearance of someone widely known (usually politicians or actors)
#gpcChristmas — Relating to Christmas or Santa Claus
#gpcCivilDisobedience — Civil Disobedience
#gpcClouds — Scenes with dramatic, well-defined clouds
#gpcCloudy — Scenes with gray, cloudy background, where clouds are indistinct
#gpcColorful — Scenes with a wide rainbow of colors
#gpcCommunism — Relating to communism
#gpcCosplay — People dressed up as fictional characters
#gpcConsumer — Consumer businesses and products
#gpcCreepy — Posts that qualify as "creepy"
#gpcCrowd — A disorganized crowd of people (or perhaps animals or objects that look like people) - Different from the an organized crowd like a #gpcProtest or #gpcParade
#gpcCute — Anything "cute"
#gpcDance — People dancing
#gpcDeath — Anything dead or relating to death, including cemeteries
#gpcDepressing — Photos showing the seamier side of life.
#gpcDesert — Taken in the desert
#gpcDinosaur — Dinosaurs and other prehistoric life (also tagged as #gpcAnimals)
#gpcDogs — Photos of dogs (also tagged as #gpcAnimals)
#gpcDusk — Photos taken at twilight (when the sky has some color but no sun is visible)
#gpcEditedVideo — Videos comprised of at least two videos spliced together. Also must be tagged #gpcVideo
#gpcEntertainment — Someone deliberately trying to entertain others, including street performers
#gpcExistential — Photos of lonely beings, or that might otherwise be called "existential"
#gpc_Family — Depicting families or family relationships ("_" due to overlap with other people's tags)
#gpcFestival — Festivals and fairs
#gpcFire — Photos featuring fire or flames
#gpcFog — Foggy or misty scenes
#gpcFood — Food and meals
#gpcForest — Photos in a forest with trees
#gpcFunny — Photos that make me laugh
#gpcFun — People having fun or engages in entertainment
#gpcFuture — Relating to the future
#gpc_Girls — Photos of pretty girls (Formerly #gpcGirls but now fully converted) 20150115
#gpcGlennsPersonalFavorite — My own personal favorites. (May differ from #gpcMagical because they don't have to have a fairytale quality.)
#gpcGraffiti — Photos of graffiti or street art
#gpcGroups — Group photos
#gpcHalloween — Relating to Halloween or costumes. May also be #gpcCreepy, but not necessarily.
#gpcHDR — HDR images. (Used only for "true" HDR merging two or more images into one)
#gpcHistory — Historical sites
#gpcHorse — A horse or horse-like figure appears in the photo.
#gpcIndustry — Photos of industrial sites
#gpcIrony — Oxymoronic
#gpc_Kids — Photos of children (_ added on 8/16/14 #gpcKids before then)
#gpcKitsch — Anything tacky or kitschy
#gpcLandscape — Photos of land or vistas where people are not the main focus.
#gpcLaw — Relating to law and rulemaking, usually to an absurd degree
#gpcLevitation — People "flying"
#gpcLighthouse — Lighthouses
#gpcLodging — Places I have slept
#gpcLoveLocks — Locks appearing on bridges in Europe
#gpcMagical — Anything that might be regarded as "magical" or like a fairytale, including surreal photos that don't seem real.
#gpcMannequin — Mannequins and dolls
#gpcMaps — Portraying maps and globes
#gpcMedieval — Architecture and implements from the period between the fall of Rome and the French Revolution (or reproductions of the same). Ideally, there should be nothing in the frame suggesting modern technology.
#gpcMeta — Self-referential photos that can be described as "meta", including selfies where the camera can be seen
#gpcMilestone — Posts that record milestones of some kind (first Instagram post, etc.)
#gpcMilitary — Relating to soldiers, military equipment or war
#gpcMiniature — Miniature models (including model trains)
#gpcMoney — Relating to money
#gpcMoon — Photos in which the moon appears
#gpcMonument — Monuments and other man-made memorials (May overlap with #gpcReligion)
#gpcMosaic — Wide-angle mosaic shots composed of several frames knitted together, or an obvious mosaic of different images.
#gpcMoss — Photos with visible green moss
#gpcMotorcycle — A motorcycle appears in the frame.
#gpcMusic — People making music (or music prominent in the soundtrack of a video)
#gpcMyFriends — My own friends and family members.
#gpcMyTalkingPet — Videos produced with the My Talking Pet app on the iPhone
#gpcNature — Nature photos (excluding pets). May overlap with #gpcAnimals if the animal is in a natural setting. #gpcNature refers to a whole scene of nature, no just a single animal.
#gpcNews — Photos of breaking news events
#gpcNight — Photos taken at night.
#gpcNotMyPhoto — Photos I did not take myself.
#gpcOldTechnology — Practical technology no longer in use (water wheels, etc.)
#gpcOldTown — The "Old Town" section of a city (usually in Europe). Must date to Middle Ages. (Begun 2015.04.12)
#gpcPanning — A video that pans from one side to the other.
#gpcParade — An organized march moving in a certain direction. May also be a #gpcProtest if that is the intent, but there must me organized movement of the crowd.
#gpcParanormal — Relating to the paranormal, including Bigfoot and UFOs.
#gpcPastel — Pastel colors
#gpcPersonalHistory — Glenn's Personal History (before Facebook). Current milestones are tagged #gpcMilestone
#gpcPets — Cats, dogs, birds (but no wild animals, which belong in #gpcAnimals)
#gpcPhotoshop — Photos that have been obviously photoshopped. (Physical details have been changed, not just color, contrast, etc.)
#gpcPhilosophy — No longer used. Now using #gpcWisdom instead.
#gpcPortrait — Portrait photos
#gpcProtest — Protests and demonstrations (but not #gpcFestival)
#gpcPublicTransit — Taken in a public bus, trolley or subway.
#gpcPyramid — A pyramid or pyramid-shaped objects.
#gpcRainbow — Rainbows
#gpcReflection — Where a reflection is featured in the shot
#gpcRelationships — Relationship photos. Probably also appear in:
#gpcReligion — Photos of religious sites including churches and shrines
#gpcRentalcar — Photos showing my rental car (or the car I am driving)
#gpcRestroom — Restrooms and toilets
#gpcRoadshot — Photo obviously taken from inside a car
#gpcRoadside — Roadside attractions
#gpcRotating — Videos that rotate around an object
#gpcRural — Rural scenes on farms, etc. (with some human presence)
#gpcRust — Photos where red rust is prominent (may overlap with #gpcAbandoned). Also rust-colored earth.
#gpcScience — Depicting scientific principles or the equipment of science (telescopes, etc.)
#gpcSelfie — My own selfies
#gpcSelfieStyle — Other people taking selfies
#gpcSex — Related to sex or sexual identity
#gpcShadow — Shadows are prominent features
#gpcShore — Taken along the shore of the ocean or a large lake. May also be tagged #gpcLake #gpcSurf #gpcHarbor #gpcBeach
#gpcShopping — Photos of stores, shopping districts or people shopping
#gpcSigns — Word and sign photos
#gpcSilhouette — People seen in silhoette
#gpcSkyline — City skyline/skyscrapers
#gpcSlowMotion — Slow motion videos (usually shot with iPhone6, starting 2015.03.28)
#gpcSnow — Snow appears in the photo
#gpcSports — Sports
#gpcSpyshot — Photos taken secretly
#gpcStaticVideo — Videos where the camera doesn't move
#gpcStatue — Photos of statues (distinguished from #gpcMiniature)
#gpcStreetPerformer — Someone trying to deliberately seek attention in a public place, including preachers, musicians, clowns, etc.
#gpcSunset — Photos taken around sunset and sunrise (where the sun itself is visible)
#gpcSun — Looking directly at the sun, but not at sunset or sunrise.
#gpcSurf — Ocean surf is visible (or people surfing)
#gpcSurreal — Whatever "surreal" is.
#gpcTechnology — Relating to "new" technology, past, present and future
#gpcTimelapse — Timelapse videos (videos that have been speeded up) including #hyperlapse (released Aug. 2014).
#gpcTourist — Photos of obvious tourists doing touristy things. (There must be tourist visible in the photo)
#gpcTracking — A video that follows a person or object in its movements.
#gpcTrains — Photos of trains, or railroad related
#gpcTrainStation — Photo taken inside or just outside a train or bus station. Trains need not be visible. Also tagged #gpcTrains if they are.
#gpcTraffic — Vehicle traffic
#gpcTruck — Truck or heavy machinery
#gpcTunnel — Tunnels and things that look like tunnels
#gpcTwitter — Referring explicitly to Twitter, or visual representation of tweets
#gpcUnderground — Mines, caves and other places underground
#gpcUnderside — Depicting the darker side of humanity: trash, poverty, crime, homelessness, etc.
#gpcUnderwater — Photos taken underwater or of things that are underwater
#gpcUrban — Photos of dense urban areas at street level. (Use #gpcSkyline for distant building skylines)
#gpcVintage — Photos made to look old
#gpcUFOs — Regarding UFOs or alien life
#gpcWaterfall — A waterfall or rapids appear in the photo.
#gpcWeapons — Guns and other weapons
#gpcWeather — Photos showing weather (rain, snow, wind, etc, but not #gpcCloudy or #gpcRainbow)
#gpcWedding — Wedding parties or wedding-related events
#gpcWisdom — Wisdom and philosophy, both my own and other people's. Usually words but not necessarily. Also tagged #gpcTwitter if all or part was tweeted.


#gpcAirport — Photos of Airports or the airplanes at them
#gpcShore — Natural areas along the edge of an ocean or lake (use either #gpcShore or #gpcHarbor, not both). May also be tagged #gpcBeach if beach sand is visible
#gpcBeach — Shore where beach sand is visible. A subset of #gpcShore, which is always tagged at the same time.
#gpcHarbor — Harbors or other industrial places along the shores (distinguished from #gpcShore which is mostly natural)
#gpcRiver — Photos taken along a river.
#gpcLake — Obviously taken on a lake (not the ocean). May also be tagged #gpcShore if the lake is big.
#gpcMountains — Mountains visible in the photo
#gpcMuseum — Taken in a museum or at a museum-like display
#gpcTropics — Photos taken in tropical areas of the world, including South Florida. There must be some foliage, a beach or something else in the photo to indicate tropicalness (not cities).
#gpcWalmart — Taken in or around Walmart or Sams Club
#gpcCanada — Taken in Canada
#gpcNYC — Photos in and around New York City
#gpcNewYorkState — New York State excluding New York City (#gpcNewYork is no longer used)
#gpcFlorida — (Full state/province name spelled)
#gpcEurope — Photos taken in Europe
#gpcJapan — Photos taken in Japan (Full country name is always spelled out.)
#gpcMiddleEast — Israel, Palestine and Egypt (in addition to country tag)
#gpcCaribbean — Anywhere in the Caribbean, mainly Puerto Rico, Virgin Island and Florida Keys. Also tagged by a location like #gpcPuertoRico
#gpc_DC — The only geographical tag with two letter and an underscore (because "DistrictOfColumbia" is too long).

Multi-Country Tours

#gpcWorldTour2015 — My round-the-world tour in June 2015
#gpcMediterranean2015 — My Mediterranean tour in January 2015: France, Italy, Malta, Morocco, San Marino
#gpcEasternEurope2014 — Tour of Eastern Europe in Sept and Oct. 2014: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, East Germany, Poland
#gpcSwitzerland — Used for April 2014 tour along with #gpcNorway and #gpcGermany (no unique tour code)
#gpcBalkans2012 — Tour of Balkans in June 2012: Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Berlin
#gpcBalkans2010 — Tour of the Balkans in July 2010: Venice, Trieste, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Transylvania, Budapest, Munich, Amsterdam

Country Tags (actually used)

#gpcNorway — Norway
#gpcSweden — Sweden
#gpcItaly — Italy
#gpcIsrael — Israel
#gpcEgypt — Egypt
#gpcJapan — Also tagged #gpcAsia
#gpcSwitzerland — Switzerland
#gpcCanada — Also tagged by province: #gpcOntario, #gpcYukon, etc. Only #gpcBC and #gpcPEI are abbreviated.
#gpcGermany — Germany
#gpcFinland — Finland
#gpcFrance — France
#gpcMalta — Malta
#gpcMorocco — Morocco
#gpcJamaica — Jamaica
#gpcUkraine — Ukraine
#gpcSanMarino — SanMarino
#gpcScotland — Scotland
#gpcDenmark — Denmark
#gpcCzechRepublic — CzechRepublic
#gpcPoland — Poland
#gpcEngland — England
#gpcPalestine — Palestine
#gpcSlovakia — Slovakia
#gpcYakutia — Referring to the people of Yakutia (Siberia), although I have never been there.

Regional tags - used in addition to country codes

#gpcBritain — British Isles including Ireland
#gpcCaribbean — Caribbean islands, including Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Jamaica. Not clear whether Key West should be included.
#gpcEurope — Any country in Europe, including Turkey
#gpcMiddleEast — Isreal and Egypt
#gpcAfrica — Continent of Africa, including Egypt
#gpcAsia — Continent of Asia


I started working with these tags on June 21, 2014. I have since back-filled the tags for photos prior to that, but a few may be missing.

I am most rigorous about enforcing the geographical tags (#gpcCalifornia, #gpcSpain, etc.). Other tags may be less complete.

Underscore "_" is added after "gpc" when other people are using the original tag. The only underscore tags so far are #gpc_Kids #gpc_Family, #gpc_Girls, #gpc_Friends, #gpc_France

To make each photo more concrete, I have tried to include the date the photo was taken. If it was taken in the past week, the date is relative ("yesterday", etc.) If it was taken within the past couple of months, I give the month and day ("23 June" or "June 23"). If the photo is older than that, I just give month and year ("June 2012"). To avoid ambiguity, I always used the full year.

NOTE: This page was last updated on 11 Jan 2016 and will probably not be revised, but you may still find the links and topic list useful.

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