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#68: Secret of Great Performances
#67: Curiosity: Hallmark of Intellect
#66: Life is Logarithmic, Not Linear
#65: Taking Control
#64: Meaning of Life Explained at Last!
#63: Truth, Lies & Discretion
#62: Fundmentals of Mental Nutrition
#61: Dilemma of the Public Restroom
#60: The Burden of Choice
#59: The Limits of Charity
#58: Russian Roulette: Childbirth...
#57: The Tragic Burden of Stuff
#56: Boundaries: Defense Against Chaos
#55: Puffery! The Legal Way to Lie!
#54: The Fallacy of 'Commitment'

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#1: Galaxy Queen
#2: Just One Candle
#3: A Wal-Mart Christmas Carol
#4: Tumbling Down
#5: Children's Crusade
#6: Flatland
#7: Weekend Pirate
#8: On the Edge
#9: Final Stand
#10: This Is Where I Begin
#11: Blood on the Windshield
#12: Can't Stop Thinkin'

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Soul Ascension, 11:59 from Prescott
Home on the Range, Dream Home
Chicken Man, Flexmaster 2000
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Above is the essential stuff (current work). Below are some details, as of 2008, including lots of old stuff. (The sections below are rarely maintained.)

The Websites & Blogs of Glenn Campbell

Welcome! On this page you will find my active and inactive websites and blogs, which seem to propagate like bunnies whenever I get a new idea.

I am a writer, philosopher, photographer, songwriter, former Family Court Guy and former Area 51 Guy currently living a gypsy lifestyle in no fixed location.

    Email: glenn (at)

Active Websites

Frozen Website & Blogs (post-Y2K)

    Family Court Chronicles. "When marriages fail, families explode, kids go ballistic and parents get high, where you gonna go? Family Court!" My major project for three years (April 2005 - April 2008), chronicling the goings-on at Family Court in Las Vegas. A huge website with lots of interesting material, but no longer updated.

      Family Court Chronicles Blog — A short-lived blog from 2008-09 where I tried to keep track of local news articles and commentary on divorce, child welfare and juvenile justice in Las Vegas and elsewhere. It was too much energy to keep up, with hardly any readers.

    Other Archive Links: My Past Newsletters

    Blog: Kilroy's Links — A blog for news articles and other third-party discoveries on the web. (Inactive) This blog was active from Nov. 08 to April. 09, but it was replace beginning April 25, 2009 by my Twitter™ feed.

    Archive of Facebook Wall - (no longer active) This blog was my public archive of my "Wall" on Facebook, when I thought Facebook was deleting old posts. It serves as my diary from July 2008 to April 2009. Index by Month

Major Print References

Unfinished Books

UFOs & Area 51 (1990s)

    The UFO and paranormal database, also known as, once attempted to keep track of all manner of unusual claims, but the project proved too large and the effort was eventually abandoned. At its peak, it was probably the biggest UFO and paranormal website in the world, attracting up to 100,000 hits a day, with over 88 million hits accumulated over its six years of life. Unfortunately, the site became too big to maintain. Links and information were becoming invalid faster than they could be repaired, so I was forced to eliminate most of the site. The sections that I was actively involved in have been retained in a "frozen" state and will no longer be updated. -- Glenn

    I Was Abducted by Aliens at Area 51. An on-line book about my adventures in Nevada in the 1990s. Seven chapters available, but work suspended indefinitely.

    The Area 51 Viewer's Guide is still available from me (via Amazon). The latest and last edition was 4.01 in June 1995.

    The Area 51 Section of the Ufomind website has been preserved in its entirety, although nothing has been added or changed since the end of 1999. (Call it a Y2K victim.) This section includes my collected research on the secret military base, as well as my Desert Rat Newsletter, published from 1993 to 1997.

    The Ufomind Mailing List, which I moderated from 1997 through 1999, is also preserved in its entirety. (The last posting was this Y2K Warning)

    Blog: Area 51 Interceptors — My only Area 51 site that is still active.

    Tikaboo Peak at - I created and still (nominally) maintain this page.

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And One More Thing...

Here's proof that I accurately predicted the current economic crash TWO YEARS BEFORE IT HAPPENED (albeit on a local scale)...

(This is one of many forgotten writings at

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