Glenn Campbell in the Las Vegas Sun

Las Vegas Sun, Dec. 18, 2005

An eccentric's struggle for truth

After shining the spotlight on Area 51, Glenn Campbell takes on the Family Court

On Dec. 18, 2005, Glenn Campbell was the subject of a front page feature article in the Las Vegas Sun regarding his role in Family Court. Some of the article by Molly Ball is available online at the Sun website, but the online version is incomplete. This webpage provides the rest, including hi-res images of the full story. ( Page 1 · Page 2 · Page 3 ) Here is the lead paragraph (missing from the online article)...

Continue Reading on Sun Website (If link does not work, see graphic versions below.)

Also missing from the Sun website are several sidebars and photos. Click on image below for full-size version.

Glenn Campbell in front of the Family Courts building in Las Vegas Glenn Campbell works in his rental car at Jean Dry Lake near Las Vegas Sidebar: Campbell's Perspective Sidebar: Campbell's Soundbites Campbell's Family Court Newsletter Glenn Campbell Quote on Family Court Hearing Master Quote about Glenn Campbell

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