Glenn Campbell on Weekend America, Jan. 14, 2006

In January 2006, I was interviewed on a Public Radio news magazine called "Weekend America" regarding my role in Family Court. The program itself is defunct, but you can still listen to the 8-minute interview online. Here is the interview description, as appearing on the show's website:

Glenn Campbell is famous for his research on UFO sightings in the Nevada desert known as Area 51. But these days, he has a new passion: seeking transparency in the way business is conducted in the nation's family courts. Hosts Bill Radke and Barbara Bogaev talk with Campbell about his latest pursuit.

TO LISTEN: The audio is available only in RealPlayer format. If you click on the audio link for the segment but don't get anything, it probably means you need to download the RealPlayer software. Then try clicking on the original link again.

If the link still doesn't work, paste this link directly into the standalone RealPlayer program (Control-0 to open):

The interview was conducted in-studio at the Las Vegas public radio station KNPR. (I was in Las Vegas and the hosts were in another city.)

This interview was the result of a feature article about me in the Las Vegas Sun, which was published about a month earlier.

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