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I am Glenn Campbell. I am an "existentialist", which means I believe existence itself provides its own meaning, without reference to outside gods. (See video definition). Central to existentialism, in my view, is the concept of "triage". This is the process of managing ones resources to achieve the greatest net gain. (See my newsletter on triage or video on triage.) There is no "absolute" truth; there is only the "best" truth you can come up with at the time based on the options currently available to you.

I have expounded on philosophy on the internet since 2005. My pontifications on life are found in my a book, several Twitter feeds, videos, and various short essays (all described below).

Book: The Case Against Marriage

My first published book. For info see

My current writing project is a new book, The Meaning of Life. I aspire to cover the topic at least as thoroughly as Monty Python.

Philosophy Essays

Between 2005 and 2010, I wrote a number of philosophical essays, most of them only a page or two long, which appeared on several of my websites...

Between May 2008 and March 2010, I produced a series of 68 one-page essays published as a printable newsletter called "Kilroy Cafe". All of them are available at Each issue is designed to be printed (although I have never actually printed them), and each is exactly one page long. (I chose this one-page format because it forced me to be concise.) I am very proud of these essays but I eventually graduated to video and Twitter as my primary outlets. (I already know how to write, so I would rather practice my video skills whenever I have the chance.)

Most of my Kilroy Cafe essays were reposted to my Kiloy Cafe Blog, mainly so that search engines would find them and people could comment on them. This blog is also my outlet for miscellaneous philosophical essays that don't fit anywhere else, and I may still post to it occasionally.

My training ground for the Kilroy essays was my various writings on Family Court in Las Vegas (2005-2008), including my Family Court Chronicles newsletter (46 issues) and a series of 110 random essays I called the Family Court Philosopher. While the newsletter is chiefly concerned with politics of the court, the essays range across a wide variety of topics.

Before 2005, I only dabbled in philosophy writing. Some of my Area 51 newsletters got somewhat philosophical, and my interviews with the media generally were as well.

Twitter       @BadDalaiLama and @KilroyCafe

Since Sept. 2010, I have spouted daily wisdom on Twitter as the @BadDalaiLama. This is my place for philosophical rants and observations that fit into 140 characters—which turns out to be quite a lot! A comprehensive index and welcome page is found at, including searchable archives all my old tweets. (Also see the menus at the top of this page.)

In the past, I post "tweeted essays", which were a series of related tweets on a single topic, usually within the space of an hour. You can find some of them listed here. A tweeted essay is intended to cover larger topics than a single tweet can contain; yet every tweet has to be able to stand alone. I no longer tweet essays this way.

Other Twitter users can "recommend" my tweets by starring or retweeting them. Here are my most popular tweets of all time by stars and retweets. You can also monitor tweets people recommend right now. Many other searching options are found at

Between April 2009 and Sept. 2010, I tweeted as @KilroyCafe, which can be considered a practice run for the @BadDalaiLama. All of those tweets are archived here. No new tweets are post to this account. I have retweeted some of the best @KilroyCafe tweets on @BadDalaiLama, but there are still many gems yet to be mined. Here are @KilroyCafe's most starred and most retweeted tweets.

To distinguish between Twitter, Facebook and Google+, I have my own personal Social Media Policy.

Philosophy Videos

I started making philosophy videos in 2010. There are over 30 of them by now. All of my videos are posted to my
KilroyCafe YouTube account. However, many of them are "unlisted", so you need the URL to view them. (These videos aren't secret. I just made them unlisted so they didn't dilute my more polished videos.)

In addition to the list below, you can find most of my video on my list of Tweeted Videos.

Here are my philosophy videos (as listed on my video page)...

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