Glenn Campbell's Original Songs

I am Glenn Campbell. (I am no relation to that other Glen Campbell, the country singer.) I don't play an instrument, have little musical training and can hardly sing, but that hasn't prevented me from writing songs! Since Dec. 2008, I have written at least 15 three-minute songs. Each song goes as far as I can with my primitive skills—which is just a tune and lyrics. (Someone else would have to write the instrumentals and sing it for real.) Most of my songs include sheet music, an mp3 of the simple tune and a video or audio of me singing the song (badly). Here are the complete songs I have written so far. (I have many more song fragments and exercises that I have not published.) The songs below are also indexed in a Facebook Album.

I also have countless songs in the development phase (and in my head) that I just haven't had the time to work on. Songwriting is not cheap! I can write a song anywhere, anytime about anything, but each song takes me about a week to construct (sort of like a giant jigsaw puzzle), which I don't always consider the best use of my time.

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