Tikaboo Peak Hiking Information

Tikaboo Peak Overview

Tikaboo Peak is a 8000-foot summit in the Pahranagat Range, about 15 miles west of Alamo, Nevada. This previously unnamed peak is known primarily as a place you can see Area 51. MORE INFORMATION WILL BE COMING TO THIS PAGE SOON. IN THE MEANTIME, BELOW ARE THE ESSENTIAL THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW. See the Tikaboo Weather Stations Page for updates on the ongoing security camera story.

For general hiking information on Tikaboo Peak, consult Glenn Campbell's free 1995 Area 51 Viewer's Guide (pages 52-56). The only significant change since the 1990s is deterioration of the dirt access road to the trailhead. It has become very sandy, almost liek driving over beach sand in places. An SUV is strongly recommended, and do not stop your car on sandy stretches.

Hiking information is also found on the SummitPost Tikaboo Peak page, also maintained by Glenn Campbell.

Before you read anything else, however, please note these warnings....

Key Warnings

  1. Tikaboo Peak is inaccessible in winter. (Roughly Jan 1 to April 1) Snow is likely to block the last 3 miles of the access road. Peak can be snowbound even when surrounding desert shows no sign of snow. Dates are uncertain. In Spring, mud can make the last 3 miles of the access road impassible even when most of the snow has melted.

  2. SUV or pickup truck strongly recommended. Although a regular car can probably cover the 23-mile dirt road from the paved highway to the trailhead, you run a high risk of damaging the underbody of your car or getting stuck in sand. (4WD is useful but not essential.)

  3. Getting stuck in sand on the access road is your greatest risk. The main thing that has changed since the 1990s is deterioration of the main access roads. They are now rougher and sandier. Keep moving briskly over sandy patches or you could get stuck.

  4. You must be in good physical shape. Hike is short but strenuous, climbing from 7000 feet to 8000 feet on a crude and steep trail. Smokers won't make it, and people who live at sea level will struggle with it.

  5. This is not a trail for novice hikers. If you haven't climbed a mountain lately, you shouldn't be taking this hike. A "practice run" on some other mountain is recommended before you do this one.

  6. Be prepared to hike 23 miles to safety if your car breaks down. You are unlikely to encounter any other humans after you leave the paved highway.

  7. Bring plenty of water. Drink as much as you can before the hike and carry at least a half-gallon with you.

  8. There is a hard-to-see barbed wire gate 5.9 miles from the paved highway on the southern access road. You can pass the gate, but you must leave it in the same state you found it. Figuring out how the gate works can be complicated.

  9. Allow an entire day for this expedition. Although the main hike is only a couple of hours, getting there takes time, and the hike takes a lot of energy. If you leave from Las Vegas at dawn, you probably won't get back until after dark. Don't expect to get anything else done that day.


In the meantime, see our Tikaboo Weather Stations Page for updates on the ongoing security camera story.