Glenn Campbell's Travel Map

Glenn Campbell has visited 54 countries. Country List and Detailed Map.

Glenn Campbell's Travel Map
Glenn's Travel Map on Google Maps
*This map, started in 2014, shows places I have distinct memories of. If you mention one of the places I have pinned, I should be able to tell you something unique about it to prove I was there. I have visited many more places than I have distinct memories of, and this map remains incomplete for the places I do remember. (Always under construction.)

My photos of most of these places: Photo Album Index

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Within the 48 contiguous USA states, I have been so many places that it is useless to list them. Instead, here is a Map of the USA places I have NOT visited.

In each of these places, I have rented a bicycle and wandered around (perhaps the best way to see a city): Madrid, Sarajevo, Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Stockholm, Budapest, Riga, Vilnius, Skopje, Tokyo, Bratislava, Prague, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Nantucket, Mackinaw Island, Key West.