Email from Alistair Robertson to Glenn Campbell, April 8, 2014 As discussed in Chapter 3, here is the first direct communication I received from the administration at UWCRCN about my upcoming talk scheduled for April 11.
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 17:28:03 +0200
Subject: UWC RCN
From: Alistair Robertson <>

Dear Glenn,

I hear from my colleague Dr. Erik Pedersen that you will be visiting RCN to
present on "The case against marriage" in the "World Today" event this
Friday 11th April, Erik being the teacher responsible for this activity.

You are welcome to dine in the College kantine beforehand - I am sure Erik
and some students, including [Hero], will be pleased to welcome you.

In the interests of openness, I'm afraid I must comment that one of our
students who you met this winter in Copenhagen expressed some concern to
the Rektor that you would be visiting RCN this w/end. In confidence, she
felt uncomfortable with some of your interactions with her on social media.
 I discussed this with the four members of our Education Management Team
this afternoon - including the Senior House Mentor responsible for student
welfare - and they asked me to pass on this concern directly to you.

Please understand we take our duty of care for our students very seriously,
and ask that you observe the sensitivities surrounding adults interacting
with students in a residential context for students of this age-group.

I'd appreciate if you could let me know your plans for visiting RCN: the
time of your arrival, where you will overnight, and when you will depart.

I appreciate this is late in the day, but the Rektor usually requires me to
request a reference / recommendation for a guest speaker coming for the
first time to our College.

I look forward to hearing from you, and to meeting you.

With best wishes,