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Glenn Campbell's Video Index
Over 150 Videos — Travel, Humor and Philosophy


I am Glenn Campbell. I travel continuously and create videos every few days wherever I happen to be, mostly uploaded to YouTube. However, many of my YouTube videos are "unlisted", so I have created this page to index most of them.

UPDATE Aug. 2012: I have given up on maintaining this page! It was too much work. I have retained this page for whatever useful information if may contain, but the list below includes only about half of my public videos. For more, go directly to my My YouTube page and browse the lists there. Also see my photo page, where some of my videos are listed geographically.

My videos, listed below, fall into these general categories: Character Videos, Edited Travel Videos, Video Postcards, Philosophy Videos, Songs, Experiments and Miscellaneous. You'll also find an Overview and History of my video career. See my Photo Index for videos indexed by location.

Also See...

Items below in bold print are my own favorites.

Character Videos
Travel and parody videos in which I am speaking in a persona other than my own. Most are shown in Glenn's Video Showcase.
Edited Travel Videos
Travel videos in which I appear, usually speaking in my own voice. (Also listed in my Photo Index.)
Video Postcards
Raw videos with minimal editing showing the special features of a place. I do not appear in any of these videos. (These videos are also listed in my Geographical Photo Index.)
Philosophy Videos
Where I discuss some philosophical topic at length, usually with no editing. (Also listing on my Philosophy page.)
Glenn's Songs
The songwriter sings some of his songs. (See full song list—right column.)
Personal and other videos that don't fit into any other category
Testing equipment, accent or concepts
Overview and History
General information on my video making.

To see nearly ALL of my videos, including the unlisted ones, see My Twitter Announcements of new videos as they are published.

On-Line Formats

I now upload all of my videos to YouTube. However, only the best ones are "public", because I don't want new visitors to be distracted by my mediocre work. The rest of my videos are "unlisted", meaning you can access them only if you have the URL. I will eventually index most of these videos in the list above. (Only a few private videos will remain invisible.)

Some of my earliest videos are stored on Facebook (about 45 of them), but I no longer use Facebook for new videos.

For a while, I uploaded some cellphone videos to TwitVid (13 videos). I intended this feed for unedited, spur-of-the-moment videos shot with my iPhone. However, I eventually decided to upload these to YouTube instead (usually unlisted, but visible above and on my Twitter Index). Also see this: Twitter index of TwitVid iPhone videos as they were published.

History and Equipment

I took a few travel videos in a pre-internet era, but nothing memorable. I resumed video in May 2010. My first-ever uploaded video was "Rooster Eats my Ice Cream" on May 6, 2010. My first upload to YouTube was The L.L. Bean Boot on May 23, 2010.

I tried several video cameras in 2010, but finally settled on the Canon Vixia HF M300. (It was stolen once, and I bought the same model again, which indicates my happiness with it.) This camera does full 1024p hi-def, but I usually edit and upload in 720p.

I also take spontaneous travel videos with my iPhone 4.

I edit videos using Cyberlink Power Director, which does just about everything I want. However, I stabilize shaky videos using the YouTube Editor, which does a better job than Cyberlink.

Be sure to see the separate page for my photo albums. (This list includes a geographical listing of most of my videos.)

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