Area 51 Weather Stations: An Investigation

On Nov. 2, 2015, Area 51 activist Glenn Campbell released a video claiming that a
network of weather stations on public land are actually designed for human surveillance.
This page provides provides more details and an ongoing record of new developments.

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Area 51 Weather Stations - Notes and Updates

This page maintained by Glenn Campbell. (For his other works, see the menus above.)

This page will keep track of news relating to my investigation of weather stations around Area 51, which I contend were installed to track human visitors, not the weather. For the full story, see the main video above.

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Below you will find three sections: (a) key facts and links about the video, (b) a rolling timeline of events in this story, and (c) sequential annotations on the video itself.

Key Facts and Links

The main video was filmed starting Aug. 21, 2015. The final version was uploaded to YouTube Oct. 31, 2015 and released on Nov. 2, 2015. This video was conceived, filmed and edited by Glenn Campbell. No one else was involved except for some advice from friends during final editing.

On Nov. 2, 2015, the same day the video was released, KLAS-TV in Las Vegas released a 4-minute news report on my video and the allegations I am making. Just before the broadcast, DRI released a statement responding to my video, which KLAS put on their website.

On Nov. 3, Glenn Campbell released a response to DRI's statement, replying directly to most of DRI's claims.

Key official documents: Tikaboo Peak Weather Stations (official weather data page) | Tikaboo Peak Decision (PDF) | Badger Spring Valley Decision (PDF) | Rachel Weather Station | Sand Spring Valley Weather Station ! USGS Data Sheet on Tikaboo Benchmark (source) | Badger Spring 1983 Topo Map (big 11mb pdf) .

Key documents from Glenn Campbell: Response to DRI's statement | Area 51 Viewer's Guide from the 1990s (free PDF) | Area 51 Weather Stations Facebook Album | Index of all Glenn's Area 51 Facebook Albums

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See bottom of this page for 15-second Instagram videos relating to this story. Also seeAll of Glenn's Instagram Posts Regarding Area 51 See clickable thumbnails for these videos at the bottom of this page.

In a 2-minute video on YouTube, a Cammo Dude threatens to seize my camera. Shot on the 2nd day of filming for the main video.

A 15-minute Outtakes video is now available. It is a compilation of interesting scenes that didn't fit into the main video.

The Iceland travel video mentioned at the end of the main video have isn't ready yet. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be informed of its release.

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Video Annotations

The following notes on the
main video are keyed to the elapsed time on YouTube...

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BREAKING NEWS: Mermaid sighting on Tikaboo Peak weather camera (today)

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Area 51 truth revealed (now)

A video posted by baddalailama (@baddalailama) on

Appearing on KLAS-TV Las Vegas (Nov 2). See full report linked at

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Intro from my new documentary released last night on YouTube. Search for "Area 51 Weather Stations"

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Preview of my massive new video, to be released tomorrow. Search YouTube for: "Area 51 Weather Stations".

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Google Earth zoom to Area 51 and Tikaboo Peak – component for future video

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#GlennCampbell responds to John Lear's alien claims at #Area51.

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Starting the hike to Tikaboo Peak (Aug 25)

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Two new residents of Tikaboo Peak (now)

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Desert Research Institute, Reno (today)

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Homer takes out his aggression on a hapless weather station

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The driving shot (1 week ago) - For full video, search YouTube for "Area 51 Weather Stations Radio"

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